INDUSTRY Gallery | Los Angeles

Jillian Pasztor

Opening Reception | Thursday, September 14 | 5 – 8:30 p.m.

Industry Gallery is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition of work by Los Angeles-based designer Jillian Pasztor.  For Jillian’s solo debut, she has created a new series of sculptures and hanging planters — utilizing metal wire and stained glass.

” I was born and raised in Indiana, my father is a farmer, my mother runs an animal rescue.  My work is an exploration of the balance between an idealistic life and one that is based in practicality.  It is an effort to fill the void that is created from living in the city. “  - Jillian Pasztor

Jillian has always been cautiously curious about certain esoteric beliefs.  The forms draw inspiration from a pseudoscientific theory about Pyramid Power as well as the Finnish tradition of Himmeli.  Himmeli’s were created as a sort of good luck charm for an agrarian society.  Constructed out of strips of rye and hung above the dining table, the belief was that the larger your Himmeli, the greater yield your harvest.

Jillian currently works out of her studio in Downtown Los Angeles and produces are her pieces locally.





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