Frequently Asked Questions

Q)  The chairs are made of paper—how durable are they?
A)  Given the fact that it is mainly built of paper, we understand concerns regarding to the durability of our product. Therefore we would like to take this opportunity to show you how FlexibleLove will “evolve” as it interacts with its users.

There are currently ten units of FlexibleLove being used at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts ( http://www.ntmofa.gov.tw/english/index.aspx ), which are still in good condition after three years of public use. Please keep in mind that FlexibleLove is essentially paper. When you sit on it, it is normal to leave an indentation, but that is only in the surface area. The overall structure is still sound and unaffected.

The first few indentations might strike you as odd. However, as you sit on our chair more and more often, it will “grow” or become best suited for your favorite sitting posture. It is precisely this feature that makes each of our chairs unique. Based on the feedback gathered so far, most people listed this as one of the top reasons they enjoy FlexibleLove so much. We found that artists, in particular, appreciate this new-found “rustic” look. The product you are sitting on is alive. The chair is an art, yet people can interact with it.

As you would notice in your FlexibleLove, when the indentation is evenly spread over the entire surface, it gives it more of a “solid” look, and is definitely more comfortable to sit on.

Q)  How long does it take to receive my order?
A)  Each FlexibleLove piece ships directly to you within 5 business days.

Q) How important is to Decompress FlexibleLove?
A)  Due to the tension of being in “compressed” form, you may notice that your FlexibleLove chair isn’t being so flexible when you first take it out of the packaging.  Don’t fear!  This is completely normal.  The chair will naturally “decompress” over time as you use it more and more (and this is what we recommend).  However, if you aren’t the patient type and would like to speed up the process, here’s how we did it:

You will need to stretch out the pieces once, preferably overnight, to release the tension and get them to stay in their maximum length.  We did this by tying rope around the “holes” in the flat board areas on each seating end and tying the end around a fixed point, then stretching it out and tying the other end around another fixed point…sounds odd, but doing this overnight worked like magic.  Careful not to overdo it–the idea is to let it breath a bit so that it easily expands and contracts!

Download FlexibleLove User Manual

Q)  What are the dimensions and weight of each piece?  How much weight can they support?

A) We have included the following chart with FexibleLove model details.

Q)  Can I return my FlexibleLove if I don’t like it?
A)  Yes, you may return your order to the gallery within 14 days after you receive it, provided the chair is undamaged and is shipped back in its original packaging.  A 10% restocking fee will be charged for all returns.  The cost of return shipping to the gallery in DC will be the responsibility of the customer.

Q)  I received my order, and my FlexibleLove chair was damaged in delivery—what do I do now?
A)  Pinzaan, the manufacturer, has sold FlexibleLove throughout Europe and Asia for years and has never received any claims for repairs or damage. In the unlikely event you receive your piece in a damaged state, please email or phone us immediately, and be prepared to email supporting documentation (such as photos of the damage).  In this case, provided the damaged was clearly caused in transit (and not by actual usage), we will either refund your payment or provide you with another model at no extra charge.

Q)  Can I cancel my order before it’s delivered?
A)  Yes, you may cancel your order and you will be refunded minus a cancellation fee equal to 10% of the price.